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The Consensus Group works with our business clients’ human resource professionals and law departments in the investigation, assessment, and resolution of internal employee complaints and claims filed with state and federal equal employment opportunity agencies.  The Consensus Group manages the employment dispute from its inception to completion at the administrative level, coordinating the investigation, response(s), interviews, fact-findings, and /or resolution of the claim.  Our investigations are conducted by legal professionals to maintain confidentiality.

Prior to representing any client, our professionals immerse themselves into learning the client’s business, policies, procedures and company culture, entirely at the firm’s expense.  This investment results in the ability to thoroughly and confidentially investigate and respond to complaints and accurately assess the risk of the respective employment dispute.

With a 99% success rate per 1000 complaints managed, results define The Consensus Group in assisting companies with the resolution and/or dismissal of discrimination and retaliation complaints filed by employees with state and federal equal employment opportunity commission (“EEOC”) offices nationwide.  Our firm has provided EEO Management Services in 42 states and the District of Columbia.  The Consensus Group has represented clients before over 90 state and federal agencies.  The Consensus Group assists business with approximately 100 mediations per year.   With our services, our business clients gain improved relationships with the  more than 90 agencies in which we work.

The Consensus Group’s approach to managing employment disputes is simple.

  • Utilize experienced legal professionals to maintain confidentiality.

  • Thoroughly investigate the employee complaint early, when facts and witnesses are available and before positions have been hardened.

  • Conduct an objective risk analysis.

  • Partner with business leaders to implement a coordinated case management strategy.

  • Develop cooperative relationships with investigatory agencies and demonstrate our client’s commitment to an objective review of employee complaints.

  • Attempt closure of the dispute before it develops into litigation.

  • Provide these services at a sizeable cost savings to organizations by providing our services for a Fixed Fee.

Our business clients experience significant cost savings as a result of:

  • Decreased costs in case management.

  • Improved internal processes.

  • Fixed fee arrangements that ensure predictability in costs.

  • A considerable reduction  in the number of lawsuits filed.

  • Fewer demands on internal resources and fast case closure.

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